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JA Our City videos and descriptions 2020

1. Session One “Money Choices”

Video Title: Cha-Ching Episode 1: Earn, Save, Spend & Donate


2. Session Two “Invisible Money”

Video Title: Cha-Ching Episode 12: Invisible Money


3. Session Three “Entrepreneur”

Video Title:Cha-Ching Episode 3: Entrepreneur


“Sweet Peppers Designs”

Video Title:Cha-Ching Episode 16: Sweet Pepper Designs


4. Session Four “When You Get Money”

Video Title:Cha-Ching Episode 10: When You Get Money


5. Session Five “Cha-Cha-Choices”

Video Title:Cha-Ching Episode 18: Cha-Cha-Choices


“Big Big Waste of Money”

Video Title:Cha-Ching Episode 14: Big Big Waste of Money


Investing in a company:


JA Our City Outline

  1. Our city: A Place Where People Live, Work, and Play
    1. City: An important place of business, and where people live, work, and play
    2. Goods: Items that are bought and sold
    3. Services: Work done for others, such as haircuts or car repairs.
    4. Zones: Land areas set aside in a city for certain purposes, such as housing or businesses
    5. Floor Map Zones
      1. Multipurpose Zone
      2. Residential Zone
      3. Agricultural Zone
      4. Business Zone
      5. Industrial Zone
        1. School Zone Map
        2. Slideshow of businesses/buildings in our town
  1. Our City: A Place where People Spend Money
    1. Taxes: Fees charged by a government to pay for services.
    2. Income: Money earned for work.
    3. Need: Something you cannot live without.
    4. Want: Something you would like to have but could do without.
    5. People use income to pay for their needs and wants.
    6. Payment Methods
      1. Cash: money in the form of bills or coins
      2. Check: a written order to a bank to pay money to a person or business
      3. Credit Card: a card that allows users to buy things through a personal loan
      4. Debit Card: a card that subtracts what you buy from your checking account
      5. Electronic Payment: a way to bank or pay for things using the internet
    7. Banks and Credit Unions
      1. Deposit: To put money into a bank account.
      2. Interest: Money paid for the use of someone else’s money.
        1. Banks earn money when they charge interest.
        2. Calculating Interest
          • Borrow $1,000 to buy a car with 7% interest. How much interest do you pay?
          • Deposit $1,000 in the bank that pays 2% interest.? How much interest do you earn?
        3. Savings: Money put aside to use later.
        4. Savings Account: A bank account for saving money.
        5. Withdrawal: Removal of money from a bank account.
  1. Our City: A Place To have a Business- Like a Restaurant
    1. Consumer A person who uses or buys goods and services.
    2. Entrepreneur People who start businesses
    3. Producer A person who makes goods.
    4. Reci-P’s Business Plan:
      1. Name your Manager and Accountant
      2. Name your Business
      3. Discuss the Business Plan
      4. What are you selling, What makes your business/ food, service better than others?
      5. Take a Loan out to start business
      6. Fill in the Reci-P’s Business Plans
      7. Pay the Rent
      8. Pay the Utility Bill
      9. Buy Restaurant Supplies
      10. Hire Cook
      11. Make an Advertisement
      12. Open for Business
      13. Earn Money
  1. Our City: A Place Where People Communicate
    1. News Format: The way the news is presented or shared.
      1. TV
      2. Radio
      3. Word of mouth
      4. Newspaper
      5. Internet
        1. Google- Search Engine
        2. Blog An online journal for others to read

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